The overall aim of PROSPECT is to enable peer to peer learning in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their sustainable energy plans. The learning will empower them to make use of best practices in developing financing for these plans, which have been implemented successfully in other cities and regions in the EU. The specific objectives of PROSPECT are:

  • to develop and execute a complete and easily replicable peer to peer learning program addressing at least 180 local and regional authorities through prominent local and regional associations and agencies. The learning program will be focussed on the development of financing schemes for implementing the local authorities’ energy efficiency and sustainable energy and climate action plans (SECAP). Given that the topic on financing is quite broad, the learning program is structured in five modules (each one representing a sector relevant to the above mentioned plans) namely public buildings, private buildings, transport, public lighting and cross-sectoral. Within each module, concrete guidance for developing financing schemes will be provided.
  • to create effective and productive peer-to-peer groups among regional and local authorities and agencies within and outside consortium partners, in order to ensure the exchange of experience and expertise
  • to build partnerships that will stimulate mutual understanding of each other’s issues, situations and challenges with the aim of exploring new ideas, options and solutions.
  • to identify and set up proper replication mechanism for the learning programs available to regions/cities beyond the consortium network and the project’s duration.

What is Energy Cities doing for PROSPECT?

Energy Cities will be in charge of the online dissemination means and of the engagement process in peer to peer learning activities. In cooperation with the other city networks EUROCITIES and FEDARENE, also partners in the project, it will ensure that the peer learning is carried out in a bottom-up and participative process driven by the real needs of authorities and agencies.

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