Capacity building for cities and regions - from learning to action!

PROSPECT+ is a capacity building H2020 project for cities and regions that follows and elaborates on the outcomes of the successfully completed project PROSPECT (2017 – 2020). The announcement of this project comes with a great excitement to continue the support of EU cities and regions on their way to adopt innovative financing for their local energy and climate actions.

PROSPECT implemented a peer learning programme for local and regional authorities that gathered 149 local and regional authorities and 46 energy agencies and networks, who were able to learn from their peers in order to implement their own sustainable practices and investment plans.

The highly significant impact and visibility of PROSPECT enabled the development of an even more competitive project, PROSPECT+ which will develop a capacity-building programme on 5 thematic areas:

  • Public buildings,
  • Private buildings,
  • Public lighting,
  • Transport,
  • and cross sectoral.

The upgraded capacity-building programme will promote synergies with local plans and facilitate city decision-making processes regarding the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Over 200 EU cities in at least 20 EU member states are expected to improve their capacities regarding implementation of projects from SECAPs and similar sustainable plans through the PROSPECT+ capacity-building programme.

What is Energy Cities doing for PROSPECT+?

Energy Cities is in charge of the four PROSPECT+ engagement campaigns and process, and will contribute actively to the project dissemination.

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