Mr Trump, cities won’t change their course! #makeourplanetgreatagain


Publication date

June 2, 2017

What cast a cloud since the last US Presidential elections, has become real yesterday evening: Donald Trump officially announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Energy Cities President Eckart Würzner, the Mayor of the German city of Heidelberg reacted with disappointment, but not discouragement.

He said: 
“It is immeasurably disappointing and incomprehensible that the United States wishes to withdraw from this urgently required treaty. I deem it important that the United States, as one of the largest producers of climate-damaging emissions, should take responsibility for climate protection.”

More than ever, cities in the US and abroad, will be crucial to act, mobilise and succeed in reducing CO2 emissions. That is why Eckart Würzner reaffirmed cities’ commitment to take successful climate action and to lead the energy transition in cooperation with their national governments:

As the President of the city network Energy Cities, I appeal to all responsible city and state officials to continue the fight against climate change.

He also stressed that „Trump’s reversal – just like President Bush’s refusal to sign the Kyoto Treaty – will be a setback for international efforts in climate protection. It is important that all nations, and especially the US, continue to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as efficient and low-carbon car technologies, if we want to stop worldwide droughts, floods, mass migration, increasing storms and climate change.

Trump’s withdrawal shows the renewed importance of Europe’s leadership on this matter. The current review of a number of important legislative packages on climate and energy will be decisive for assuring the fundamental change we need.

Energy Cities’ will continue to nurture EU policies favoring a decarbonised and decentralised energy system. And we will favor a sustainable and democratic future by connecting the different governance levels.

We’ll #makeourplanetgreatagain through wide-spread cooperation, from local to international !

(c) Photo: Max Kovalenko