For a more resilient Europe: sufficiency can lead us toward climate neutrality

Together with other 74 organisations, we call for sufficiency policies to be urgently included into the new EU strategic agenda


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Energy Cities, along with 74 European organisations from civil society, academia, cities and local authorities, businesses and public service operators, launched a manifesto for sufficiency in Europe.

Ahead of the June 2024 European Parliament elections, we call on EU decision-makers to prioritize sufficiency in the EU’s strategic agenda.

To effectively address the growing demand for energy, resources, and materials in the EU, the next European Commission should propose a sufficiency strategy, making it the centerpiece of the 2040 legislative framework and integrating it into all relevant policies.

Sufficiency means a better quality of life for all

Sufficiency entails a better quality of life for all, improving the continent’s resilience to various risks, reducing costs, enhancing competitiveness, facilitating the achievement of our climate and energy objectives, and contributing to a more sustainable society.

Despite increasing calls from research, local authorities, and citizens, sufficiency has not been a part of European policymaking so far. By embracing sufficiency’s high potential, we can drive fundamental structural changes across the continent and at all levels of governance.

It’s time to make Europe more resilient, competitive and sustainable. Let’s act now!

Read the press release here and learn more about our recommendations for a future-proof Europe in the manifesto. Would you like to join us and sign the manifesto? Contact us!

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