Support the target of “at least 45%” renewable energy for 2030: lead the charge for a safe, sustainable and affordable energy future

Joint letter to the EU negotiators

Together with business leaders, city and citizen networks, NGOs and renewable energy associations, Energy Cities called on the negotiators of the Renewable Energy Directive, to step up and have the EU lead the charge on the global energy transition by setting a binding EU renewable energy target of at least 45% by 2030.

“At this critical moment in the midst of a climate crisis and energy insecurity, increasing our ambition for renewable energy is the solution that will benefit people and businesses alike.

Significant investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency will deliver permanent cuts to energy bills, secure our energy supply, mitigate climate change and create local quality jobs. The proposed 40% renewable energy target is outdated1, and does not reflect the current trilemma of rising energy costs, energy insecurity and worsening climate events that Europeans now must endure.”

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