Bridging the gap between the design and implementation of urban innovations for climate change adaptation and mitigation

CLIMABOROUGH is designed to field test the ClimHub, Climate Sandbox and Climate Service concepts with 12 European Cities (+2 observers) engaged in their ecological and digital transition.

CLIMABOROUGH aims to enhance traditional urban and spatial planning approaches through data and knowledge based decision making, including climate services co-production for transitions, cross-city and cross-country pilot co-creation as well as the tactical use of public procurement of innovative solutions.

The goal is not just to enhance an open set of tools leveraging climate transition in cities, but also to boost the exchange of experimental good practices, experiences and lessons learnt in this field, to help cities meet climate neutrality by 2050.

A 5-step process to support cities’ transition

  1. Co-creating solutions in cities towards climate neutrality with stakeholders
  2. Connecting startups/SMEs and cities for climate friendly services via public procurement
  3. Deploying climate services with living lab techniques
  4. Defining a Climate Neutrality monitoring tool (including monitoring climate transition of cities integrated in urban planning) and its evaluation framework
  5. Mentoring services to improve replication between cities.

What is Energy Cities’ role in the project?

Energy Cities will act as a “City Angel”, supporting 4 leader cities as they mentor the remaining 8 follower cities to replicate these innovative solutions in their contexts. In specific, we will work closely with Cascais (Portugal), Ioannina (Greece), Maribor (Slovenia) and Torino (Italy) in their role as leader cities within ClimHUB2: ‘From Waste to Circularity’.

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This project is funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union.