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Peter Schilken
Peter Schilken
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From 2003 to 2005 DG ENV ; since 2005 DG TREN IEE


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What is the Display Campaign?

The Display Campaign is the first and most widespread European Campaign to encourage municipalities to publicly display environmental performances of their municipal buildings. More than 13,000 buildings are labelled with the Display poster showing their energy and water performances as well as green house gas emissions.

Launched in 2003, Display is perfectly in line with the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD). More than a voluntary labelling scheme, the Display Campaign is an information tool to raise the public awareness on energy and environment related questions. Display can provide the EU with the unique opportunity to introduce an already tried and tested scheme at the European scale as requested by the recast of the EPBD for 2012.

The Display poster is the most visible part among the campaign’s tools. Based on the well-known principle of energy labels for household electrical appliances, it has been adapted for environmental performances in public buildings. It is eye-catching, communicative and comprehensible for citizens. The Poster can be edited in all European languages.

What is Energy Cities doing in the Display Campaign?

Energy Cities is coordinating and managing the Display Campaign. 
Energy Cities is also in charge of:

Video presentation of the Display Campaign