ENERCOM Facility

The EU Energy Communities Facility

The EU ECF will be designed to provide direct support to energy communities that are compliant with the definition of “Renewable Energy Community” or “Citizen Energy Community” outlined in the EU legislation or are developing legal entities which aim to qualify as such.

The support will come under the form of lump sum grants worth EUR 7 million aimed to help emerging initiatives develop business plans to grow and implement sustainable energy community projects (addressing e.g. energy efficiency, heating and cooling, renewable energy production and use, or electro-mobility).

Furthermore, the EU ECF will support energy communities in the development of their business models with training and related capacity building, paving the way for replicable business models with long-term sustainability.

To maximise the outreach and impacts of the EU ECF, and to ensure effectiveness of its actions we will build on a predefined European network of national experts who will create a bridge between the EU-level and grassroot initiatives. National experts covering all 27 Member States (and Iceland & Ukraine) will be called upon to amplify messages to their respective networks of energy communities and provide first line support throughout the application process.