Ian Turner

Project Management - Facilitation

Ian speaks Afrikaans, English, French

Ian joined Energy Cities in 2005 as a project officer for Display, an ongoing campaign that promotes the communication of public building energy labels.

He likes to keep his tasks varied, acting as a “Swiss knife”, mostly working as a manager of projects that focus on city-lead energy and climate communication campaigns or ICT platforms. More recently his focus is shifting to peer-to-peer learning on municipal energy. As the Anglophone of the team he is called into proof reading key Energy Cities documents and has been involved in a number of European bids. His previous experience as an outdoor instructor means that he sometimes facilitates staff retreats, project meetings or annual conferences.

Ian had a sound protestant upbringing in South Africa and tries to maintain his “hard” edge by commuting his 11 km to work in all conditions that the east of France is prepared to throw at him.

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