Energy Efficiency Watch

Making the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive a reality

What is a Directive without a proper implementation? Energy Efficiency Watch 3 (EEW3) monitors how Member States translate the European Energy Efficiency Directive into impacting energy efficiency policies. In order to accelerate the directive’s implementation all over Europe, the project shares its insights with a variety of stakeholders such as theEuropean Parliament, European Commission, national, regional, local policy makers and experts.

The core objective of EEW3 is to establish a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies and thus enable mutual learning on effective policy making across the EU. EEW3 screens progress of national policies, looks into legislative documents, seeks experts’ knowledge via an EU-wide survey and creates new consultation platforms with a wide spectrum of stakeholders (parliamentarians, regions, cities, business and expert stakeholders).

EEW3 shows how energy efficiency policies are implemented across the EU, what are the challenges and barriers to implementation and suggest solutions. 
In order to understand how effective the current policies are, the project team gathers information from several perspectives: qualitative surveys and interviews are being held (including with the business community), even core legal documents will be analysed.

What implementation progress has been made? How will future policies and instruments have to be improved in order to make Europe more energy efficient on the ground and not only in the policy papers?

This input will be complemented by feedback from the industry, regional and local stakeholders and city representatives. 
EEW3 follows-up on previous EEW projects initiated by the call of Members of European Parliament and national parliaments in 2006.
Based on the collected feedback EEW3 will deliver:
• 28 national reports on progress in energy efficiency policies (one in each EU Member State)
• 10 case studies of well-established policy packages
• a brochure on strategic policy and business conclusions and a Feedback Loop Report.

What is Energy Cities doing in Energy Efficiency Watch?

Energy Cities is leading the work package “Activation and consultation of networks”. In order to keep the dialogue with a few more engaged local political key players running, we will:
• Integrated EEW3 sessions into three Energy Cities Conference
• Host three lunch discussions between our Board members, stakeholders from local, national and European level and Covenant of Mayors signatories
• Link the EEW project to the Covenant of Mayors by bringing together mayors with the Member States governments and parliaments via 3 annual webinars and 7 national meetings with national Covenant of Mayors Clubs 
• Organise 7 national webinars.

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