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From 2010 to 2012: Intelligent Energy-Europe ; Programme area: European Networking for Local Action-ENLA


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What is ENGAGE?

Having signed the Covenant, Mayors commit to “mobilise the civil society in (our) geographical areas to take part in developing the Action Plan”.ENGAGE is all about encouraging individuals to play their part!

ENGAGE is a participative communications campaign implemented by European local authorities. They use this initiative as a communication tool to share the Covenant of Mayors objectives locally. Indeed, this campaign commits all citizens and stakeholders to make personal energy-saving pledges and therefore contribute to the cities’ own energy and climate targets.

Thanks to a user-friendly online tool, local authorities can create participant posters. Showcasing the pledges of every participant demonstrates the power of combined energy-saving actions.

ENGAGE also proves that participative communications campaigns lead to concrete energy results: by the end of 2012 participants in the 12 ENGAGE pioneer cities monitored were able to avoid 40,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. On average, a citizen has reduced his/her annual CO2 emissions by 12%!

ENGAGE – the campaign at a glance

How to join ENGAGE?

Many of the cities involved with ENGAGE have signed the Covenant of Mayors, a pledge to go beyond these ‘3×20’ targets. However, this is not a requirement – any city with ambitious local energy and climate objectives is a welcome member of ENGAGE!

ENGAGE is free for Energy Cities members! Join ENGAGE!