EU Peers

Building the European community of practice for Integrated Home Renovation Services

Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) offer holistic solutions for home renovations and are part of the enabling framework breaking barriers to renovation. The overall objective of EU Peers is to support the development of IHRS as key instruments to accelerating residential energy renovation in the EU.

By creating a European Community of IHRS practitioners, involving at least 615 members, including 175 IHRS, EU Peers will strengthen and upscale the IHRS concept. The inclusive Community will provide multiple entry points and opportunities to participate in order to provide the maximum benefit to its members. For this purpose, 7 Community platforms, for 6 priority countries (Italy, France, Spain, Latvia, Hungary and Ireland) as well as for other EU countries, will be established. At least 45 exchange & collaboration meetings will take place at national and European level.

The first generation of IHRS will strongly benefit from exchange of experience and convergence to foster residential retrofit. Beside an online knowledge repository and digital collaboration & netowrking tool, EU Peers will offer 3 types of capacity-building, consisting of at least 34 capacity building sessions.

EU Peers will contribute to a faster and better implementation of IHRS models across Europe, providing a start-up aid to emerging IHRS initiatives.

The project will advocate for improved framework conditions: European and national policy recommendations will be developed and be subject of 7 public policy debates. EU Peers will tackle improvements in the collaboration among actors along the renovation journey by organising 12 stakeholder dialogues. In addition, a campaign to engage public authorities to support the IHRS deployment in their area will target 150 public authorities across Europe.

Creating a strong effect within the Community and beyond, EU Peers will provide data-based evidence that will illustrate the results and impact of its members and the IHRS movement in general.

Energy Cities’ role in the project: We will lead the building and running of the Community of Practice. We will organise the onboarding procedure for new members and be responsible for the development of a campaign encouraging public authorities to support the deployment of IHRS.