For strong and inclusive energy & climate plans

Engaging national, regional and local partners, the LIFE PlanUp project focuses on five EU Member States: Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary. PlanUp closely tracks the development of each country’s national energy and climate plan (NECP) under the framework of the EU Energy Union Governance regulation, to ensure that their NECPs are strong and inclusive tools to support the decarbonisation of Europe. PlanUp promotes good practices across three sectors (transport, buildings and agriculture) and fosters a multi-level dialogue on low-carbon policymaking between local authorities, civil society organisations, academia and national policymakers.

The main objectives of the project are:

– Build capacity of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations to engage in the development and implementation of NECPs; 
– Stimulate coordination between local, regional and national authorities on climate mitigation actions;
– Ensure dissemination of good practices and promote well designed, climate friendly policies in the buildings, transport and agriculture sectors; 
– Improve the understanding of economic and social benefits of climate mitigation actions through the increased uptake of quantitative modelling tools;

Energy Cities’ mission in the LIFE PlanUp project

Energy Cities is responsible for coordinating the governance stream in the project, by facilitating the establishment of a multi-layer governance framework in the five focus countries. This will be achieved notably by improving the coordination and cooperation between local authorities, civil society organisations and national policymakers in the development and implementation of NECPs.

Through the organization of a series of political roundtables, multi-stakeholder gatherings and workshops with ministry officials, we will contribute to set up multi-level energy and climate dialogues in the focus countries.

We raise awareness on the potential of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans under the Covenant of Mayors Europe to contribute to the achievement of the focus countries’ NECPs.

And by gathering good practice examples in climate and energy governance across Europe, we also seek to promote broadly the benefits of involving local authorities and civil society organisations in national energy and climate policymaking.

We acknowledge the support of the European Climate Foundation