Municipal action, public engagement: routes to local energy ownership

When it comes to managing the energy transition the need for municipally-owned energy has never been clearer. In recent years we have seen some successes of local energy ownership. However, the sharing of these experiences has been limited, and they have tended to remain local and specific.

mPOWER focusses on how municipalities are managing the energy transition in a fair, clean and democratic way. Through city-to-city conversations we will be able to identify and share best practices that have led to more equitable, just and participative energy policies. We will set up peer-to-peer learning activities, and strategise about energy governance, policy and technologies across the European municipal energy sector.

mPOWER is a 4-year programme that will enable in-depth, wide-scale and systematic city to city learning among at least 100 local public authorities.


Funding program

European Union Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme.


2018 - 2022



  • University of Glasgow (UK)
  • Transnational Institute (Netherlands)
  • IPE (Croatia)
  • University of the Basque Country (ES)
  • Carbon Co-op (UK)

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