Office of Renovations and Financings for Energy Efficiency

The project aims to set-up a shared resource platform for third-party financing companies (STF) acting as One-Stop-Shops: The Office of Renovations and Financings for Energy Efficiency (ORFEE).

ORFEE will have three main objectives:

  • Optimization of STFs’ resources to generate more energy renovation financing for private housing by issuing green loans to achieve attractive volume for investors.
  • Development and implementation of a quality and compliance framework and the issuance of quality guarantees for home-energy renovations.
  • Reduce STFs’ costs and their presence in the home improvement market by pooling investments and resources through standardized and optimised procedures and dissemination of results.

ORFEE will give to STFs the means to scale up their capacity in order to encourage housing energy-efficient renovations and finance them. To do so, ORFEE should rely on best practices from Europe and North America, to structure and size the guarantee fund and to strengthen operational support to STFs. This should also be based on a dialogue with banks that want to attribute energy and environmental labels to the financing of renovations. The design of the project will also allow the STFs to strengthen their financial structure: ORFEE will help STFs to structure the dialogue they have to build with the EIB and financial investors with a view to improve their funding.


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