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Key learnings from the TOMORROW project and its efforts to design the energy transition from the bottom-up in 6 cities


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In this publication, explore the key findings and results of the TOMORROW project, which ended this month. Discover its resources for learning to use transition management in cities. And get to know how its 6 pilot cities engaged citizens and stakeholders in their energy transitions and roadmaps to climate neutrality.


The TOMORROW project is a Horizon 2020 funded project, aiming at empowering local authorities to lead the transition towards low-carbon, resilient and more liveable cities. From 2019 to 2022, the project supported six pilot cities – Brest (FR), Brasov (RO), Dublin (IR), Mouscron (BE), Nis (RS), Valencia (ES) – in developing 2050 energy transition roadmaps together with citizens and other local stakeholders.

Over the three years, the project accompanied the cities as they implemented innovative forms of governance, based on the concept of transition management. The goal was to facilitate and accelerate their energy transitions by providing them with innovative engagement processes in order to foster a wide and meaningful participation.

Inspired by the processes that the cities of Leuven and Nantes had already put into place, the TOMORROW cities were given the tools to apply similar approaches and methodologies at home. Despite setbacks and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, each city accomplished putting in place innovative processes that transformed the way the transition is managed and implemented in their territories. Through workshops and study visits, they exchanged experiences with one another to consolidate their learnings.

Over the three years of the project, the 6 TOMORROW cities thus became pilots for the energy transition of European territories, by empowering their local authorities to fully play their role of enablers of the energy transition. The methodology and approaches tested and implemented in the pilot cities were shared with other cities interested in doing the same, through learning relays and masterclasses with professionals from across Europe and beyond. Furthermore, factsheets and guidelines produced by the project were gathered in a toolbox and widely disseminated online for other interested European cities.

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About the Publication

This publication highlights the main learnings of these 6 cities, as well as the key knowledge and resources produced by the project. It aims to give an overview of what was achieved over the past 3 years and the processes to get there, serving as a map for anyone wishing to embark on a similar journey. This report will support them in designing a better tomorrow in their cities, by helping them navigate their way in the project’s main information and key lessons.

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