Redistributing Power: How can Renewable Energy Communities relieve energy poverty

A report about the realistic expectations towards energy communities



Miriam Eisermann
Kieran Pradeep (FoEE)
Dimitris Tsekeris (FoEE)

Publication year

Community energy offers numerous tangible material benefits and empowerment – especially for those who feel most often left behind. That is also what several cities are about to move forward in the framework of the POWER UP project, whose expert Miriam Eisermann contributed to the report. The publication by Friends of the Earth Europe describes the energy poverty situation in Europe and the hostile external factors aggravating the phenomenon. The authors also highlight innovative ways of making the lives of vulnerable people easier through decentralised and collaborative energy projects. Their research revealed that energy communities are one of several tools in the fight against energy poverty. They can do a lot, but they should not be seen as a silver bullet – especially without the right enabling frameworks and incentives or be tied to unreasonable expectations.

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