The evolving glossary of a fair and resource-wise local economy

Decoding sufficiency



Emérence Nouhaud
Mélanie Bourgeois
Allison Le Corre

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In its “Resource-wise and socially-just economy” Hub, Energy Cities aims at giving local governments all the tools they need to shift their economies towards a more balanced system, respecting social and planetary boundaries.
Sufficiency” has emerged as a key component of the ecological transition throughout the years, especially in France and Germany, and has even become a buzzword with the 2022 energy crisis.

However, for many of us, it remains an abstract concept, easily confused with other related terms (efficiency, austerity…). However, this concept holds a lot of potential for European local governments seeking to shift their economies towards a fairer model, respecting the limits of the planet.

Energy Cities provides support and inspiration local governments in this direction. To work together, it is essential that we speak the same language.

Energy Cities has therefore set itself the mission to help members and partners decode sufficiency. With this glossary, we provide you with definitions and examples to grasp everything about sufficiency and the concepts revolving around it.

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