The missing ‘why’ – how narratives can improve energy efficiency and security in Europe

Key results from the Energy Efficiency Watch 4 project



OÖ Energiesparverband
Energy Cities

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Strong narratives are needed to develop argumentative drivers in public discourses that facilitate the adoption and effective implementation of energy efficiency policies in the EU. That is why it is essential to understand the interdependence of energy efficiency policy implementation and effective narratives.

In this context, EEW4 is extremely significant as it identifies narratives for energy efficiency that resonate in different national or regional contexts by linking the debate to recognised benefits that, beyond energy and costs savings, include aspects such as technological innovation, entrepreneurial competitiveness, job creation, better quality of life and increased resilience against geo-political price shocks – in essence a comprehensive understanding of its contribution to public welfare and overarching economic relevance. The project outcomes help improve the level of communication on energy efficiency. It offers supporting tools for policy makers.