Road to a replication strategy in our follower cities: Intensive Lab Session in Santiago de Compostela

On the 5th and 6th June, the city of Santiago de Compostela organised the first Intensive Lab Session, within the project Smarter Together.

The goals of this interactive event were:
• Bring stakeholders together in an open setting;
• Treat specific challenges and problem statements which the follower cities are confronted to
• Include knowledge from external experts (mainly Lighthouse Cities)
• Design local implementation plans or roadmaps

The workshop was designed on the following topics: 
1. How to re-organize the city administration structure to include the smart city strategy and accelerate the energy transition of the city?
2. How to integrate smart measures into the refurbishment programs of the city?

The city presented and explained the challenges currently faced by the city, together with the solutions the local team envisage to implement. During two days, with visits and interactive sessions, a set of milestones and roadmap was suggested and brought to the table. The intensive knowledge sharing will be key for the Smart City Strategy, which will be a natural consequence of the Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy, Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan and Smart iAGO Initiative.

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Publication date

July 4, 2018