Smarter Together – political commitment in the energy transition process in Santiago


Publication date

November 6, 2017

On the 25th and 26th October, Energy Cities co-organized a thematic workshop with Santiago de Compostela Municipality. 
This event took place in this Galician town within the frame of Smarter Together project.

This workshop brought all participating cities in the project to the capital of Galicia. In these intensive two days, Santiago showed all the impressive political commitment and engagement in the transition process, and having a smart city vision based on governance.

The Mayor, Martiño Noriega Sánchez, welcomed Smarter Together partners. Santiago presented the main pillars to spur the active involvement of the citizens in each decision made and in increasing their quality of life. The different councillors showed their priorities which come directly from the two overarching and ambitious plans: Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (2015-2025) and the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, within the scope of the Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate.

Highlighted areas are the promotion of the use of public space, public and smart public transportation services and soft modes and to foster the housing conditions of more vulnerable citizens, namely in the neighbourhoods of Vite, Vista Alegre and Pontepedriña.

As thematic focus, the three lighthouse cities (Munich, Vienna and Lyon) and the three flower cities (Sofia, Venice and Santiago de Compostela) discussed more in detail challenges, solutions, communalities and differences in district heating solutions and urban data platforms.

To complement the workshop, the local Smarter Together also organized a visit to some projects being carried out in Santiago. The group had the luck to be guided by the Town Councillor for Public Space, Housing, Mobility and Community Relations, Jorge Duarte Vásquez.