Miriam Eisermann

Communications & EU Policy

Miriam speaks English, French, German, Spanish

Miriam puts her energy into our Europe-wide outreach strategy and connects with the ground through projects relating to #renewables, #energy democracy or #international policies. During more than six years, Miriam managed the communications & policy team. Keen on working again closer to the ground, she decided to step back from this position in 2019.

With over 10 years of communication experience and a deep knowledge of energy policies, Miriam always tackles a project by considering how it relates to the network's greater political goals. As a pragmatic and creative thinker, Miriam’s aim is to constantly question and rethink habits. Nothing is more deadly than staying in one’s comfort zone. That is also why, in her leisure time, she climbs on mountain tops,  drives her packed bike through Europe and plays improv theatre.

Miriam is a proud Berliner, but her professional journey in energy and environmental issues has already taken her from Ireland to Belgium, then Chile and now to France. She holds a B.A. in Media Management and an MSC in Human Ecology.

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