LIFE LOOP – Local Ownership Of Power

Fostering community solar and energy efficiency for people of all gender and abilities

It’s time to bring even more local governments, citizens and SMEs to the energy community movement! It’s time to make them the true drivers of our society. With a focus on community solar and energy efficiency, the LIFELOOP project was launched to:

  • Build capacity, empowering local and regional government, local citizens and others to achieve clean community energy objectives through new partnerships and projects.
  • Secure funding to create new community energy initiatives
  • Reduce regulatory hurdles for community energy development in municipalities
  • Incentivise wider participation through a ‘community energy-friendly’ training and award programme for municipalities, resource library and match-making tools
  • Ensure people of all genders and abilities are empowered to participate on equal terms and embed energy justice.
  • Focus on community solar and energy efficiency whilst exploring opportunities for wind, biomass, micro-hydro and clean transport.

What is Energy Cities’s role in the LIFELOOP?

Energy Cities coordinates the consortium, i.e. the group of partners who’ll turn this project idea into something concrete, inspiring, impactful: people, solar roofs, better cities.


EU emblem
This initiative is funded by the European Commission’s LIFE programme.