The SCALE initiative launched the Call for Experts!


The SCALE initiative (European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified) , launched in September 2020 as a support initiative and secretariat to all  Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities projects would like to present its Call for Experts.

SCALE is a city-led initiative that will provide large-scale, long-term support for the cities and projects involved in the H2020 SCC1 Lighthouse Group with 18 Lighthouse projects and 128 cities participating. SCALE will serve as a unifying element, networking and connecting all Smart CIty projects trying to improve the overall performance and enhance the significance of the Smart Cities and Communities Group by creating a supporting framework providing enhanced cooperation, design, communication, logistical support,consultations, and application of a stable governance approach.

The SCALE Call for Experts aims to gather and build a community of smart city experts ready and willing to provide advice and technical support to the Smart Cities Communities Group, maximize the impact of smart city solutions at the European level, and to support the European Commission and CINEA on smart city topics. Our aim is to keep the smart city family open and growing and create a community that will network and share, but also work on specific assignments.

How can you participate?

We are looking for skilled and motivated city professionals from all parts of Europe that would join us in two steps:

  1. Join our LinkedIn Community
  2. Fill out your Smart City Profile 

Why should you join the Call for Experts?

Members of this community will receive regular updates on specific calls to which they can apply for and submit their ideas, solutions or provide other relevant expertise and services. 

Who is the Call for Experts for?

This call is open to experts from all parts of Europe who:

  • have working experience in Smart City implementations projects
  • are/were involved in Smart City Lighthouse projects
  • have experience in the design and management of smart city related initiatives
  • are involved in relevant smart city or smart city-related networks

For any feedback or enquiries on the Call for Experts, please contact