Trailblazers putting energy back in local hands

How can cities ramp up community energy?


Publication date

July 18, 2022

Last month we launched Energy Cities’ brandnew community energy hub with a very inspiring webinar. What an honour to have had political leaders from Eeklo and Krizevci, two cities that were amongst the first ones to launch community energy, with us!

We took the audience in a conversation with:

  • Mario Rajn – Mayor of Krizevci
  • Bob d’Haeseleer – City Councillor of Eeklo
  • Daan Creupelandt – Project Manager at

Through their presentations and very lively discussions with the audience, the speakers have shared how they managed to avoid the NIMBY phenomenon, how they engaged the community and “massaged” public support by focusing on more than just dividends. 

In case you missed that expert talk

Check out the replay and dig deeper into the topic with the speakers’ presentations! 

Any suggestion?

As we will organise similar conversations in the next months, we are happy about any suggestions for topics (community energy related) or speaker names! Please don’t hesitate to drop a line to Miriam who is the comms expert for the community energy hub:

Miriam Eisermann