Tuesday 7 April 2015 Paul Voss and Euroheat & Power wish a happy birthday to Energy Cities!


Happy Birthday to an Old Friend!

Since my first steps in the world of district energy networks 4 years ago, I have found Energy Cities to be a constant source of support, cooperation and inspiration! 
The diversity of the membership combined with the credibility that comes representing local actors ‘on the ground’ make Energy Cities a vital voice in the European energy debate and a welcome counterbalance to the Brussels-centric vision that (perhaps too) often shapes it.

Euroheat & Power values Energy Cities as a partner in our shared pursuit of an energy transition that happens with instead of to citizens and communities all across the EU. On a more personal level, I have, without exception, been impressed by the quality, integrity, professionalism and overall decency of the numerous team members I have worked with. It’s a great group with a real vision and I have always respected their passion and commitment. By working together and I think we’ve made a difference and helped put the ‘community energy’ concept high on the EU’s agenda, particularly in recent months.

In the 25 years to come, I wish Energy Cities every success as an organisation and, more importantly, I hope to see their vision of a truly decentralised energy system based on sustainable use of local resources – once seen as a quirky and even idealistic concept – become the new normal. If this happens, Europe will be a better place to live and we will all owe Energy Cities a debt of gratitude. I look forward to lots more close cooperation in the coming months and years. In the meantime, on behalf of our entire organisation, a very Happy Birthday to Energy Cities!

My very best regards,
Paul Voss
Managing Director of Euroheat and Power

Energy Cities is turning 25! 
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April 7, 2015