Valencia’s collaborative approach to the energy transition

Our Spanish member & 18 local entities jointly selected 6 pilot projects


Publication date

January 26, 2021

In the framework of the project TOMORROW, the City of València continues its roadmapping process in collaboration with all the entities and stakeholders involved in the energy transition of the city. In the last weeks of December, they selected concrete demonstration projects that represent the vision of a decarbonised, renewable, sustainable, just, and healthy city.

The projects have 2 main objectives:

  1. They allow the city to start acting now, developing and replicating actions that have already proven to be successful and that allow the city to advance as soon as possible towards a new, fairer and renewable energy model;
  2. They are projects that have a transformative character, whose implementation demonstrates a new way of doing things and paves the way for many other initiatives to change the energy paradigm.

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