The Renovation Wave seen by national energy agencies

Efficient building strategies

This is a policy dialogue around the role of national energy agencies in renovation strategies within the Mediterranean context and with a particular emphasis on public buildings.

The debate is an attempt to find out:

  • how national recovery plans will cover the renovation challenge and how final long-term renovation strategies will look like?
  • how national energy agencies can help design mechanisms to boost investments and support massive public building renovation at regional and local level?
  • what governments can learn from each other?

With high-level speakers from Italy (ENEA), Portugal (ADENE), France (ADEME) and Greece (CRES)

This event is organised by the INTERREG MED Efficient Buildings Community



Philippe Masset, ADEME
Rui Fragoso, ADENE
Markos Damasiotis, CRES
Giovanni Puglisi, ENEA