Belfast HUB-IN: The regeneration of the Maritime Mile

Learn about new engaging methods and innovative tools to enhance your historic urban area

Belfast wants to bring its waterfront area back to life. In the past years, they have been co-developing new business models and innovative solutions that bring together sustainability and cultural heritage.  The Maritime Mile is an interesting mixture between an industrial and a leisure area, but for decades citizens turned their back on the river.  Soon, the city will transform it into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Belfast HUB-IN project’s focus is to explore how creative industries and cutting-edge technology companies can collaborate with existing businesses and communities on the Maritime Mile. The involvement of local stakeholders is crucial to successfully enriching this unique heritage destination for all locals and visitors.

In a recently published roadmap for the regeneration of the area, the municipality, together with its partner, identified some key opportunities for the project:

  • Stimulating innovation and creativity along the Maritime Mile
  • Exploring new, innovative ways to preserve and promote the heritage, capturing and telling local stories
  • Supporting a new Maritime Mile economy that extends across the waterfront and into the evening, showcasing culture and arts through partnership working
  • Co-designing places and experiences with local people.

The  roadmap will boost the Maritime Mile’s enhancement by implementing a series of concrete actions. The aim is to have an inclusive, accessible, open, sustainable, creative and future-proof area that local communities can feel is their own, visitors can enjoy, and enterprises can invest in.

Read the roadmap to learn out more about the Belfast HUB-IN project.

Through the HUB-IN project, eight city pilots are transforming selected historic urban areas into “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Visit the HUB-IN website to learn more.