A public-private partnership has been established in this Danish town to make energy renovation easier for homeowners. The one-stop-shop services are even more attractive for households, when the expected renovation result goes beyond energy savings.

The one-stop-shop of Frederikshavn is running comprehensive information campaigns targeting private homeowners and condominium co-owners using all available local media, municipal website, Facebook as well as face-to-face meetings. The one-stop-shop municipal project manager is responsible for engaging with the target groups and creating sufficient energy renovation volumes. His priority is to build the credibility of the offered services and gain the trust of homeowners.

The one-stop-shop lead partner, Energihuset energy consulting company, prepares the energy renovation and financial plan free of charge and together with the homeowner. The plan highlights the priority measures with the highest energy saving potential.
The homeowner signs a single contract with the one-stop-shop. The latter coordinates all the different construction companies and craftsmen. The one-stop-shop does not provide its own financial product. However, Frederikshavn municipality has negotiated with local banks: they offer attractive energy renovation loans at favourable conditions for all households including low-income ones which cannot always access a bank loan to finance the renovation works.