Energy City Frederikshavn – Local Energy Agency

It is in the perspective of Denmark’s conversion to a 100% renewable energy country in 2050 that Frederikshavn was chosen as a pilot city to implement such a transition on its territory by 2015.

The city decided to go for the project together with utilities, local industry and Aalborg University. They built a visionary action plan with realistic short-term milestones, such as the installation of a mega heat pump using surplus electricity from nearby offshore windmills. The characteristic of this plan is that it does not focus on a single technology or particular field of activity, but is rather developing a diverse but coherent renewable energy system based on 3 main energy sources (biomass, waste and wind), and includes very strong and agile partnerships that mobilise and motivate every local stakeholder.


Energy City Frederikshavn – Local Energy Agency is a member of Energy Cities since 2012


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