Demonstrating citizens’ engagement

Everybody has to contribute to fighting climate change and promoting energy transition in proportion to their responsibilities. “Alone, I will achieve nothing! I agree to act, but only if others are involved too” is a common, and legitimate, reaction.
Many initiatives taking place throughout the territories are often ignored. They are led by citizens, households, entrepreneurs and administrations who do not know one another and whose efforts are not recognised. These “motivated” people are, however, showing the way towards a low energy city and a high quality of life for all.
They are open and generous. They, their actions and their results need to be given more visibility. Everybody should be proud of them and be invited to join the movement.

Pamplona is a good example of engaged and motivated citizens.

Pamplona: Display your engagement for fighting climate change !

The City Council of Plamplona encourages citizens to share their sustainable energy initiatives and to display them! ENGAGE is a European participative campaign through which citizens and local players commit to taking action in favour of the energy transition.

Pamplona is one of the twelve pioneering cities involved in the ENGAGE campaign. During public events, such as the famous festival of San Firmín, visitors can go to a stand, have their picture taken and pledge a commitment to save energy.