One-stop-shop for Energy renovation

a joint project of 7 municipalities

The Dutch city decided for an IKEA-style one-stop-shop where homeowners get tailor-made advice on renovation works and can discover construction materials and technologies on the spot. The one-stop-shop is a joint project of a total of 7 municipalities. It offers a coordination service going from do-it-yourself to turn-key solutions, depending on the homeowner’s needs and budget.

The one-stop-shop is located in a shopping and leisure area near the local football stadium. It is very visible and people can easily walk in. In the shop, they can receive a customised advice on how to renovate their house. The staff offers solutions and helps clients make the right choices in terms of suitable measures, best available products and construction companies. In addition to providing advice, construction materials and technologies are also on display, making the renovation more tangible. The ambition is to offer an “experience” to customers,
like in an IKEA-shop. However, the staff does not recommend specific brands.
The one-stop-shop reaches out to its clients through different communication and marketing tools such as social media, leaflets or events. In the future, the coordinators hope to trigger mouth-to-mouth advertising through clients who are satisfied with the service – the most efficient form of promotion according to research.

Long-term and affordable financing
The one-stop-shop does not provide its own financial products. However, it operates as an intermediary between the financiers such as banks or mortgage providers and homeowners. In the future, the one-stop-shop plans to welcome financiers’ stands or offices in its premises.

Guaranteed results & post-work monitoring
The one-stop-shop has developed a set of quality criteria that need to be met by all the partner installers whose products are included in the catalogue. The shop also performs a post-work quality monitoring. Guaranteed results are part of the initial house-scan but some additional services and guarantees can be provided at extra costs for the homeowner. The customers are always free to arrange things themselves, without the service or quality control of the one-stop-shop.