One-stop-shop Mantova

Coordinating deep renovation process

Mantova’s coordination one-stop-shop for energy-efficient building renovation proactively supports condominium managers and homeowners throughout the renovation process. Condominiums benefitting from the one-stop-shop services share key project information and help the municipality to improve data availability on the residential building stock.

Engagement process

The one-stop-shop offers advice on optimal energy renovation works for condominiums. The customer journey starts at the one-stop-shop website that is accessible from the homepage of the municipality’s website. Homeowners can also use an online tool to make a quick scan of their building. If the results show
that the renovation is worthwhile, they can send a meeting request and arrange a face-to-face appointment with the one-stop-shop staff.

The municipality will promote the services in all municipal info points and partners’ offices. Moreover, the municipality plans to organise a conference on different topics (how to refurbish, what are the expected results, how to finance the investment) as well as guided tours involving the homeowners or building managers who have already completed the renovation process. These will be part of a general communication campaign on climate change and urban development. The idea is to build a ‘database of solutions’ available to all citizens.

Energy renovation and financial plan

The one-stop-shop facilitates the contact between homeowners and professionals who can develop an energy renovation plan and realise an energy audit (paid directly by condominiums). If all owners in a condominium want to go further, the one-stop-shop manager asks shortlisted qualified enterprises for quotes. The condominium’s assembly then takes the final decision on energy renovation works and chooses the enterprises. A first financial plan is included in the energy audit. It contains an overview of existing subsidies available for the condominium. Entrusted professionals can then provide a more detailed financial plan. On top of that, the one-stop-shop staff provide information on existing loans, incentives (e‧g. Ecobonus, Sismabonus, bonus facades) and financing schemes (e‧g. financing by third parties via a credit transfer). They can also check and advise on the financial plan developed for condominiums (although the responsibility remains with the professional in charge).