In Växjö, improving the travel behaviour of the citizens is a real concern of the municipality.

To increase the use of bike, for example, and encourage the population of using this eco-friendly mode of transport, the municipality has created in 2016, two different tools : a logo and a label.

“Växjö bikes”: a logo

“Växjö bikes” (Växjö cyklar”) is a profile picture that plays an important part in the strategic and long-term efforts to influence travel behavior in Växjö. The purpose is to focus on the bike as the ultimate means of transport for travelling to and from work, on business and leisure. “Växjö bikes” was introduced in 2016.

The goal is that everyone who has an interest in increasing cycling in Växjö, like associations, the municipality, individuals, bicycle dealers, employers, landlords, etc. use the profile picture in their communication and marketing. Vaxjo bikes should be the common and unifying profile of all activities and communication aimed at getting more people to cycle.

The profile picture is available for free to everyone with an interest in increasing cycling in Växjö: compounds associated with cycling races, schools in conjunction with traffic and cycling information, bicycle dealers in advertising, employers to encourage employees, the municipality during constructions, events etc. The profile picture target audience is the city residents of all ages, genders and nationalities but also tourists and visitors in Växjö.

The profile picture was created in collaboration with the city bicycle dealers, the bicycle associations and the municipality . As a result the network “Växjöbikes”was formed. The network meets regularly to inform each other and to find synergy and cooperation projects aimed to get more cyclists in Växjö.

“Bicycle friendly workplace”: a label

Bicycle friendly workplace is an encouraging activity that addresses both large and small businesses and workplaces in Växjö municipality. The goal of the activity is to encourage concrete measures to get more people to choose the bike to commute to work and in service. “Bicycle friendly workplace” started in November 2016. In April 2017, about 25 workplaces and companies have joined the activity.

The whole idea of bicycle friendly workplace is to award and encourage employers who make it possible for their employees to use bikes to commute to work and in service. The basis for the award is a website where workplaces’”cycle friendliness” is determined by how many bike-friendly criteria they achieve. The criteria concern actions that are set up to facilitate bicycle use for employees, for example to offer the opportunity to shower and change, secure bicycle parking, service bicycles etc.

Workplaces that achieve at least five criteria before the 25th of August 2017, will receive the award “Bicycle Friendly Workplace” and will be rewarded with fame and a sign for its entrance. Workplaces that achieve 15 criteria or more will participate in the nomination for “Växjö ́s most bicycle friendly workplace”. The winner is presented in a full-page advertisement in the daily press and honored at a ceremony during the mobility week in September 2017.

By paying attention to workplaces that offer their employees good cycling conditions, opportunities will be created for more people to cycle to work and use bikes in the service.