Stephan Brandligt

Deputy Mayor - Delft, Netherlands



Vice President

Stephan Brandligt, Deputy Mayor of Delft since 2012, is the driving force behind the city’s heat transition. As Energy Cities Vice-President, he regularly shares Dutch best practices around multi-level governance in energy matters with his European peers.

In charge of Social Affairs, Sustainable Development and Public Space, Stephan has a particular interest in Sustainable Development and Energy. This is shown through his activity in several energy-related networks: he is President of the Dutch Climate Alliance (Klimaatverbond Nederland), member of the energy committee of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and other City-related networks.

Working on the energy transition in the Netherlands with the goal of phasing out natural gas, Stephan´s main challenge in his city is to replace the heating system by geothermal heat.

The task requires close collaboration between nearby cities; Stephan is currently working on a large heat network that would bring waste heat from the Port of Rotterdam to urban areas in Delft and The Hague as well as to the greenhouses in Westland.

All the cities in my region have developed plans to phase out gas. Striking that a similar strategy does not exist at EU level.

Stephan Brandligt

Unbreakable Delft – How city and region join forces

Stephan Brandligt, Deputy Mayor of Delft

Stephan Brandligt, Deputy Mayor of Delft, explains the Dutch way of city-to-city cooperation and how this will be crucial for the next XXL district heating system.