Energy Cities creates a permanent working group on sustainable mobility

Starting with 6 of our member cities, this thematic working group will allow us to explore challenging issues and find best mobility solutions for European local authorities. It is being created in the framework of a “Europe for Citizen” project.

The CitiZEN project which runs until 2017 tackles urban mobility in it various aspects. This includes the development and update of local Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, the promotion of soft modes (cycling and walking), traffic control, good deliveries, electric vehicles, as well as behavioral change and awareness raising among citizen.

Together with Energy Cities, the project leader, the cities of Bistrița (Romania), Čačak (Serbia), Milton-Keynes (United-Kingdom), Modena (Italy), Växjö (Sweden) and Zadar (Croatia) will share their diverse experiences in the field of urban mobility through webinars, workshops, site visits and public events. This collaboration and exchange will lay the foundations of the new working group, which may be extended later to further member cities of our European network.

The kick-off meeting of CitiZEN will take place tomorrow and Friday in our member city of Växjö (Sweden). It will be followed on Saturday by the the “Traffic and Climate Day”, a public event in Växjö, part of the European Mobility Week. The event will focus on “multimodality”, especially in Växjö on the modal shift between bicycles, bus and train.

For more information on CitiZEN or if you wish to join our working group on sustainable mobility, please contact Kinga Kovacs or Laura Guérin, or stay connected via My Energy Cities (area reserved to members)



Publication date

October 5, 2015