Citycircle Final Conference



From 23 March 2022 to 24 March 2022



URBAN CENTRES of so-called peripheral regions in the Central Europe widely lack innovation and business development spirit due to their limited access to global innovation processes and cooperation partners. Various Circular economy models offer options for the sustainable and resource-efficient development of cities and municipalities and for pooling innovation, new technologies, services, solutions and business models.

The CITYCIRCLE project facilitated innovation and technology transfer and improved services and business models in peripheral cities, enabling a new generation of innovative solutions in their urban ecosystems in a long-run.

The final conference of the Citycircle project will be held on 23rd and 24th of March. It will consist in a live event and an online confernce. The live event will be held in Varaždin, Croatia where two Citycircle’s partners are located: The City Municipality of Varaždin and Development Agency North (DAN). The live event of the final conference will be held for local and regional media and stakeholders and the project, the partners, goals and achievements will be presented.

The second part of the conference, the online event will be held on 24th of March (Thursday). The online conference will be hosted via Zoom and the program includes three sessions ranging from strategic level experiences with Circular economy to the practical exchange of ideas and presentation of Citycircle’s and other projects pilots.