Developing ICT Tools for District-Scale Smart Energy Management



The 15 September 2020 from 14:00 until 15:30



With the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we have the data, information and knowledge, and smart citizens behind them, to create meaningful solutions in urban energy planning. Through the ability to gather energy consumption data, this vital information gains visibility and in turn supports knowledge-based decisions and minimized negative externalities. During this webinar, participants will learn how three AREA 21 ICT tools were applied in urban energy management, including key elements and points in tool development. The reflection session assesses qualities, functionalities and merits of ICT tools for urban energy planning in various national and urban contexts. Partners and smart city experts will focus on key issues related to tools’ end-user benefits, complexities and trade-offs, household energy information limits, signal-to-noise paradoxes in big data era, opening up to a broader discussion of these and other points.

The webinar is intended to assist urban stakeholders in sharing knowledge on ICT-supported energy planning tools with the focus on urban districts.