Heating and cooling planning for greener cities: local resources first!



The 30 June 2020 from 09:00 until 12:30



During this half a day conference, you will learn more about Hotmaps toolbox but also discuss how to decarbonise heating&cooling in cities

Heating and cooling accounts for almost half of the energy consumption in cities. That is why decarbonising this sector is of utmost importance, if we want to leave in healthier and greener cities – and reach EU 2050 goals. European cities and regions have prepared or are in the process of developing ambitious climate and energy strategies and action plans, committing to net-zero carbon by 2050 – some even earlier. Nevertheless, many governments still need to better identify and analyse solutions to make energy demand more efficient on one hand and to meet the demand with efficient, cost-effective and greener energy sources on the other hand.