Innovative governance after the 10th World Urban Forum: How can local authorities benefit from rethinking governance?



The 20 March 2020 from 13:00 until 14:00

Urban Lunch Talk #11, organised by JPI Urban Europe

Urban governance has an increasingly networked character (in contrast to the ‘government’ ideal in the 20th Century). In general urban governance processes are ‘flattening out’ an assuming a less vertically hierarchical structure, this is occurring at different paces with varying dynamics depending on the different regions. Inevitably, it leads to the decentralisation of power.

​The quality of urban places in cities is typically not the product of a single intervention but results from the accumulation over time of a complex combination of factors, behaviours, and decisions from multiple stakeholders. This webinar is a collaboration with URBAN MAESTRO. The project looks at the ways European cities are being designed and financed, focusing on innovative ways of generating and implementing urban spatial quality.