Live Chat #4 – Is gas the only shortcut to a green energy system?



The 04 June 2020 from 01:30 until 02:30



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Apart from improving energy efficiency, decarbonising the heat supply is a key step to cut GHG emissions in the building sector.

But what are the options for cities to do so? How to phase-out natural gas? By what could it be replaced then?

The European Commission is currently working on a EU strategy on energy sector integration, and a gas package, in which green gases and hydrogen are likely to play an important role. On another hand, the European Commission does not seem to expect local solutions (such as solar thermal, geothermal, biomass, waste heat and district heating systems) to significantly develop.

However a number of municipalities have been using spatial planning to find the solutions that are best adapted to their local contexts – and those solutions are often the ones that are overlooked by the EU institutions. In this Live Chat, we will discuss heat strategies to decarbonise the building sector, based on city examples and visions.

Join the discussion with

– Pallas Agterberg, strategy director at Alliander – distribution system operator in the Netherlands.

Hosted by Julien Joubert, Energy Cities – Project Management.

If you are a member of our network and wish to take part in the Live Chats, please contact

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