Live Chat #6 – Tools to plan towards net-zero emissions – The example of ClimateView



The 11 June 2020 from 01:30 until 02:30



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How can cities reach long-term climate neutrality and achieve net-zero emissions? Do cities’ actions have the necessary impact on emissions? Today, most cities rely heavily on emissions data to answer such questions. But emissions data comes with several inherent flaws: it is difficult to collect, it comes with a significant time lag, and often lacks precision. Therefore, emissions data can be of limited use, if cities want to know the impact of their policies, or the overall speed of their energy and climate transition.

In this Live Chat, we will discuss a new approach on how to tackle the climate challenge in cities – using transition targets. This method, developed by ClimateView, breaks down overarching climate goals into tangible and measurable targets. This approach seeks to unlock valuable data on the actual performance of cities’ energy and climate transition, and provide insights that are actionable in the local context.

We will discuss how transition targets can be used in practice at the city level through the ClimateView online tool, why measurable targets are essential in the energy and climate transition, and why it is also key to distinguish targets from actions in this approach.

Join the discussion with

  • Tomer Shalit, Founder and CEO, ClimateView
  • Fredrik Uddenfeldt, Head of International Growth, ClimateView

Hosted by David Donnerer, Energy Cities – EU Policy and Project Management

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