Mortgage Portfolio Standards: An innovative approach to underwrite the Renovation Wave



The 14 October 2021 from 15:00 until 16:30

Mortgage Portfolio Standards (MPS) are a new regulatory tool that builds upon decades of success of Fleet Emission Standards for cars and Renewable Portfolio Standards for US utilities. They are an innovative mechanism proposed by Climate Strategy and already implemented by leading banks to decarbonise European buildings in line with the ambitious EU Renovation Wave strategy.

These 90 minutes from 3pm on Thursday 14th October are critical for those believing that there is more that financial institutions can do to align their significant resources with the EU Green Deal. The session will begin with the new report’s author Peter Sweatman, Chief Executive of Climate Strategy, presenting an overview of MPS, the EU regulatory choices, the real-life case studies, and the science-based tools that can support it going forwards. Following this presentation, experts from leading financial institutions, the building industry and policymakers will take the floor to offer their perspectives and reactions to the proposed MPS and its necessary place in the regulatory package to make Europe fit for a 55% GHG reduction by 2030.

This session is designed to better inform policymakers, buildings experts and stakeholders working in financial institutions in Member States, EU institutions and across Europe and the world. We believe that these 90 minutes will significantly enhance understanding of the potential of MPS to decarbonise 35+ million buildings by 2030.