Ramping-up community energy: Discussion with trailblazers



The 30 June 2022 from 10:00 until 11:30



This talk and discussion with three trailblazers in the energy community movement will kick-off Energy Cities’ brandnew Hub 3 on ‘community-led energy for massive renewable production’.

10:00- 10:10 – Introduction and facilitation: Alix Bolle and Ian Turner, Energy Cities

10:10 – 10:20 – Political keynote: Mario Rajn – Mayor of Križevci

10:20 – 10:30 – Energy in citizen and municipal hands: The role of public procurement: Bob DHaeseleer – Councillor, City of Eeklo

10:30 – 10:40 – The Community energy communication guidebook: Daan Creupelandt, Project Manager, REScoop.eu

10:40 – 11:20 – Open discussion with participants

11:20 – 11:30- Concluding remarks and wrap up

The Mayor of Križevci (Croatia) will talk about their pioneering work and why community energy is so high on their agenda. If they confirm, Bob Dhaeseleer, councillor in the City of Eeklo (Belgium) will explain the important role public procurement has to play and Daan Creupelandt from RESCoop.eu will present the new community energy communications guidebook, a fantastic resource for energy communities around Europe. There will be plenty of time for discussion and we’ll be asking participants which issues they would like to explore further in future webinars.