Smart Energy Services – EU Project Clustering event #2



The 17 May 2023 from 09:00 until 12:00



Given the important role smart energy services can play in driving a greener, smarter and consumer-centric energy, several EU-funded projects are currently working to scale up knowledge to secure smart energy services in unleash the energy efficiency and flexibility potential of European buildings.  

In the view of sharing common ideas, best practices and create knowledge to accelerate smart energy services, the SmartSPIN project organises two EU Project Clustering event: Smart Energy Services on 25 April and 17 May 2023.

These events will bring together top research organisations as well as industrial partners who will present their project results and the new smart energy services that will improve the energy efficiency and flexibility in European buildings.  

See the agenda of the 17 May session.

Details and registration on the SmartSPIN website here.