Tackling energy poverty – public policies and interventions in Europe



The 26 October 2021 from 10:30 until 11:30



Energy poverty is a serious problem that affects a substantial number of people in Europe. Numerous measures have been put in place in practically all EU countries. During this webinar you can get a sense of how policies and measures are being designed both at EU and national levels and you can discuss their scope and effectiveness with our experts from Las Naves:
• How do European and national institutions care for vulnerable people?
• How do the conceptions of wellbeing, poverty and social support differ in European countries?
• And what strategies are in place to address energy poverty and health issues at once?

In a recent report carried out in the framework of the EU funded WELLBASED project, our experts have analysed how specific welfare models condition the design of energy poverty policies. During this 1-hour talk, we will also provide examples of the broad range of energy poverty interventions, from customised household support (energy audits, aid for energy bills, installations and appliances…) to obligations for energy supply companies such as information and transparency standards or the ban of energy disconnection during the winter.

Insights will help cities to design their own urban intervention programme.