Urban Lunch Talk 13: Taking action on the resilience-robustness dilemma. Is it time to move beyond the smart city- what is it like over there?



The 05 June 2020 from 12:30 until 14:00

A series of webinars proposed by JPI Urban Europe

From an urban planning perspective, access to data and information is generally insufficient to plan cities effectively. Urban science can inform and support existing planning processes and that usually means partnerships between different stakeholders. Is smart replacing sustainability as the desired end goal or does smart facilitate the realisation of more sustainable cities? The idea of ”Moving beyond the smart cities” has been aired and interpreted in more contexts lately. For example in the spreading of “Baukultur”: the focus on human needs, cultures and identities to establish a more livable environment for everyone.

Meet the guests:

  • Veerle Labeeuw works for Circular Flanders with construction and learning networks and as a partner in the Urban Agenda on Circular Economy. Together they created “www.circulargovernance.city” to guide cities into a governance without silos.
  • Vlad Mykhnenko works with the 3S RECIPE (Smart shrinkage solutions – Fostering resilient cities in inner peripheries of Europe) – a JPI Urban Europe supported project via the ERA-NET Smart Urban Futures call.
  • Kjell Borking works with the InSight & EnLIGHT project, supported by the JPI Urban Europe Making Cities Work call. The project creates a digitalized and user-friendly workflow by integrating and adapting survey and decision analysis methods.