Forget Tinder, use The Tool: First ever asset match-making tool for cities and citizens out now

Centrepiece of the brand-new accreditation scheme for municipalities

The search for the one and only, the life-long partner, can be long and difficult. But why not having several ones and meeting them online? Don’t get us wrong: we’re talking about city-citizen partnerships. Now, there’s the LIFE LOOP matchmaking tool that can spark new connections and collaborations between municipalities and community groups.

Across Europe, many municipalities see groups of citizens joining forces in their area to make clean energy projects happen. This ranges from energy cooperatives to renewable energy communities and citizen energy communities. The LIFE LOOP match-making tool provides municipalities with a unique opportunity to connect with these initiatives.

New romance on roofs, lands, façades…

Municipalities or private owners (businesses, individuals, organisations, etc.) can input their available assets (roofs, land, façade, etc.) into the tool. Thereby, they showcase their willingness to serve the citizen-driven energy transition by making any unused space available to local energy projects. The tool helps community groups in finding roofs or land for their renewable energy projects – and this, in a much shorter time than usual! It is available in English, Greek, Romanian and Croatian for now, but any municipality in Europe can use it freely.

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There is more for cities

You want to do even more on community energy? Perfect, we love your motivation! The Match-making Tool is actually only 1 out of 3 components of the LIFE LOOP community energy accreditation scheme.

This scheme is the first ever scheme that acknowledges municipalities demonstrating foresightedness in energy community matters.

  • It offers municipalities the chance to discover how much of a community energy supporter they are through a test with the self-assessment tracker.
  • Additionally, civil servants can enhance their skills via the self-paced Community Energy Espresso course running between April 1 and August 31, 2024.

It is free of charge for local authorities and has been designed to require as little time as possible for local authority representatives participating in it. In its first edition, the scheme will be running from April until November 2024. See below the journey that you can look forward to!

By participating in the accreditation scheme, delivered by the LIFE LOOP Energy Community Partnership (Energy Cities and, we encourage you, municipalities all over Europe, to adhere to agreed standards in: 

  • How you politically commit to community energy
  • How you engage with local stakeholders around local energy
  • How you support or run an energy community
  • How you step up know-how and skills within your local administration

You want to make your local relationships stronger? Check out the accreditation scheme website now!