Genova HUB-IN: The valorization and regeneration of the Caruggi area

Learn about how culture and entrepreneurship can enhance your historic urban area

Genova is the largest Italian seaport. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, it is included in the UNESCO World’s Heritage List.

In the early 1990s, a regeneration process started to enhance the old town. In fact, Genova aims at revitalising and valorising the whole historic center, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and workers, as well as the accessibility and experience of tourists.

An open-air hub that both citizens and tourists can fully experience

The HUB-IN project is focused on the Caruggi area. This multicultural zone has been suffering from the gradual disappearance of quality economic and social activities.

During the co-creation and co-design work, stakeholders and citizens highlighted the need to fight decay in all its forms by renovating buildings, establishing new economic activities, and promoting cultural events as well as social interaction.

Genova HUB-IN project will bring the hub directly to citizens and stakeholders. It will not be a physical hub, but a set of widespread activities and events taking place throughout the pilot area, indeed.

The roadmap defines two missions focused on culture and entrepreneurship:

Mission 1 | Foster the creation of new economic activities and the resilience of existing ones by strengthening their sustainability and creating acceleration programmes: promotion of innovative and high-quality economic activities, adoption of new business models, stimulation of digital and sustainability transition, training programmes.

Mission 2 | Enhance the quality of life of the area by leveraging on the potential offered by the Cultural and Creative Industry and on the many cultural, architectural and social assets of the area: ad-hoc support programmes and collaborations with designers and artists to enhance the aesthetic of the area; involvement of residents and city-users to re-imagine the public spaces through public art, with urban events and projects.

The goal of the project is to innovate respecting traditions to create a liveable, safe, and clean area with the best available services. Have a look at the roadmap to find out more about Genova HUB-IN.

Through the HUB-IN project, eight city pilots are transforming selected historic urban areas into “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Visit the HUB-IN website to learn more.