Grafting Cities 2024: Last opportunity to join us!

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Publication date

June 5, 2024

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Our annual forum will take place on 26 and 27 June during Valencia Cities Climate Week. Find out about our programme and all the side events organised during the week.

A tailor-made programme

  • Debate with other municipalities on challenges. On 27 June, the participants will think about concrete issues presented by our members. Below are a few challenges among many others:
    • “How to improve our business model to engage citizens in the energy transition?” (Valencia Energy One Stop Shop, Spain)
    • “How to actively involve and convince residents to join a collective heat network?” (Cities of Groningen, Leeuwarden, Emmen and Assen, The Netherlands)
    • “How can we deal with regulatory constraints for an energy-efficient and smart district and how can we use the tool ”Smart Policy Lab”?” (Örebro, Sweden)
    • How to cope with Public Tender Procedures when engaging Municipalities in Energy Communities? (ENA, Italy)
  • Gain insights on concrete transformations in heating and cooling, energy production, and sharing. On 26 June, two sessions will focus on these topics: “From cradle to grave: overcoming community energy challenges in cities” and “Decarbonisation of Heating and Cooling”.
  • Discuss the present and future of cities by examining our resources and needs and developing circular strategies. On 26 June, two sessions will delve into these key questions: “Beyond Recycling: Waste Prevention in Circular Strategies” and “Resource-wise Cities: Rethinking Our Needs.”
  • Explore your role in climate policies and discover actionable steps you can take. The roles of local authorities and citizens in policymaking and implementation will be carefully discussed on 26 June during the session “Empowering Local Authorities in National and EU Climate Policymaking” and on 27 June during the session “Local Citizens’ Climate Assemblies: Informed Debate and Strong Decision-Making Processes to Go Beyond Conflicts.”

Access the full programme

Valencia Cities Climate Side events:

On 25 June, attend the EU CityCalc final event, where a tool to help cities reach climate neutrality will be presented.

On 28 June, join site visits of Valencia to discover all the transformed places in the city.